Former WJ student Martin Nolan killed

Aya Hesham

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Photo by Emma Saltzman

Nolan was a beloved member of WJ’s class of 2018 and will be missed very much.

Former WJ student, Martin Nolan was killed in the parking lot of Highland Elementary School. The police are currently investigating his death but do not have much information to share with the public.

Principal Jennifer Baker sent out an email to inform the WJ community about this tragic incident.

“I am so sorry to bring tragic news to our community this evening. One of our students, Martin Nolan, passed away early this morning,” Baker said.

At around 5:40 a.m., someone had called 911 about a shooting that happened in the parking area near Highland Elementary School. The police had then found Nolan’s body in his car.

The police have stated that they are investigating Nolan’s death as a homicide, according to the Bethesda Beat.
The WJ counseling, administrative team and staff have been and continue to be available for students if they need support and want to speak to an adult.