TikTok challenge causes vandalization of bathrooms

Caeden Babcock

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Kool-Aid can be seen again but in a different bathroom. Both instances occurred on Friday, Sept. 17.

After lunch on Friday, multiple boy’s bathrooms were splattered in red Kool-Aid. Vandalizing the bathrooms with Kool-Aid is a recent trend that has gained popularity on the app TikTok. The trend entails spraying Kool-Aid out of the bottle all over the bathroom while filming. The copycats at WJ have yet to be identified. 

Some WJ administrators, like Assistant Principal Jeff Leaman, were initially unaware of the incident but reacted strongly once informed.

“It concerns me that students are so easily manipulated by social media and people need to come up with their own thoughts but ultimately when people get in trouble and deface school property, they’re ultimately responsible for these things,” Leaman said. “It saddens me that students follow social media challenges and jeopardize their futures.” 

Many students, like sophomore Isaac Yebio, discovered the bathroom during fifth period and were disgusted by the unique form of graffiti. 

“It’s just stupid. What was the point, nothing was accomplished,” Yebio said. 

WJ’s security team is disappointed that students would vandalize school property for a TikTok challenge, security Kelly McDonnell being one of them. 

“I think that if it has anything to do with Tiktok, these tiktok challenges are ridiculous. Any type of vandalism is ridiculous but especially if you’re doing it for TikTok,” McDonnell said.