Planet Fitness opens gym, free for teens


Photo Courtesy of WGN-TV

Teens ages 14-19 are eligible for a free membership over the summer until Aug. 31. Planet Fitness has grown to more than 2,000 locations across the country.

Home to more than 14 million members, Planet Fitness has announced they have brought back their summer tradition of giving free gym memberships to high school students ages 14-19 through Aug. 31. With a quick five step online form, teens are able to instantly become a member. After signing up, any teen automatically given a chance to win a scholarship up to $5,000.

There has been a mixed reaction from WJ students about this development.

“It’s a great gym and I would recommend it to everyone. They have all sorts of machines. The new summer program is helpful for people who are trying to get in shape,” sophomore Regan McGuire said.

On the other hand, freshman Taylor White disagreed with the program.

“They had the correct idea but the gym is going to be really packed and some of the teenagers might not know how to use the equipment correctly. But, I think it’s a good idea since they won’t have to pay for membership, meaning that it will encourage them to go and take advantage of the opportunity. The members of the gym will get a bit annoyed since there is a limited amount of equipment,” White said.

Others echoed the sentiment.

“They had like spirit to kind of like give free passes [sic], but I don’t think it’s big enough or equipped for the mass of teenagers that will be going,” freshman Luis Siancas said.

Teachers had positive things to say about the program.

“I think it’s great because you have an opportunity to get to know the gym and get good workout habits. On their end, they will potentially get new customers and get students in shape,” assistant Athletic Director Elizabeth Muehl said.

As of 2021, Planet Fitness is the fastest growing gym in the country, now owning more than 2,254 locations across the US and internationally in Canada, Mexico and Panama.