The Pitch opinion: Report suspicious behavior no matter what

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Sophie Becker

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The Pitch commends the students and staff who took action in addressing the potential threat of a school shooting at WJ. In today’s world, it unfortunately does not come as a surprise that schools are under threat. What is most concerning is that we have had the marches, protests, and student-led groups that are supposed to spark results, but it still feels as if no change has been made. The generation of students today live in a different world than our parents did. The post 9-11 generation is used to airport security checks, police on every corner of every city and metal detectors in most buildings, but this amount of security must also be considered for schools.

As students, we are at the pulse of the issue and it is our job to follow the rules. Keeping the doors locked and following the safety guidelines set by the school may feel ridiculous or silly, but they can make a difference and they are crucial to the safety of the community.

It is disappointing to admit, but events like school shootings can really happen and it is up to us to keep an eye out for each other. In 2018, from Seaside, California to Gloversville, New York, there have been incidents of school shootings, but Bethesda, Maryland and no city ever should never make that list.

The Pitch, as a student news source, would like to encourage all WJ community members to stay vigilant of potential threats, even if they are initially posed as a joke. Events like threats and school shootings are never a joke. In terms of the Luis Cabrera event, whether or not you believe he really would have come and hurt people at school, it is better to be safe, and report him, than sorry.

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