Musicians making mistakes

Sean Lynch

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Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Mariah Carey during an Interview on New Years.

Being a musician is a very skillful practice that is becoming more and more uncommon. People can learn to play a multitude of instruments from trumpets, saxophones, violins, drums and pianos. Some even use their voice as their instrument. All musicians are very special,, but even the most experienced make mistakes. No matter how much practice a person has, people can never be perfect..

When musicians make mistakes people tend to be hypercritical of them for doing so, which is unfair to the people who likely spend a lot of time practicing. Obviously, they want to do the best they can, but mistakes happen to everyone. Famous artists who have years of experience can make embarrassing mistakes on some of the worlds biggest stages. Fergie performed the national anthem for the NBA all star game last year and it was a complete disaster. It sounded off-key and just didn’t even sound like the normal anthem. This performance left many of the NBA players giggling or holding back laughter throughout the whole performance. On New Year’s Eve two years ago, Mariah Carey’s audio was cut out for practically the whole performance so she was unable to lip-sync to the music, forcing herself to let the background audio play the whole time.

People who do this are being very hypocritical of basic human nature that everyone has, no matter how skillful they are. Many would say that it is always very difficult performing for people.

These people work very hard at their craft and we should spend more time praising musicians for taking the time to bless our ears with their beautiful music that is heavily underappreciated, even if there are some minor mistakes once in a while.