Pumpkin haters: this is for you


Photo courtesy of Chic-Fil-A

The new Autumn Spice Milkshake is setting the mood for the cold months to come.

As the leaves start to change from green to red, it’s clear that fall is here. The air becomes crisp along with the apples that are now in season. To me, the fall food is pumpkin. Not the pumpkin itself but the flavor. Being drowned in pumpkin-flavored coffees, pastries, and advertising is a universal experience for everyone in the fall. But Chic-fil-a decided to switch things up.

Of course, Chic-fil-a is known for their chicken, but they’re also known for their seasonal drinks that take over the menu. They never fail to change their milkshake flavors with the seasons and embody each season within them.

This year’s fall seasonal milkshake really caught my attention. The Autumn Spice Milkshake. They made it clear this was a fall drink yet there was no pumpkin flavoring. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen this before in a fall flavor. Immediately I had to try this drink and give an honest review.

At first glance, the drink simply looks like a vanilla shake. Same whipped cream and cherry on top yet it was definitely not a simple drink. My favorite unique aspect of it was the pieces of Biscotti cookies blended into the shake.

Other than that, the drink was decent. The overpowering taste of cinnamon was a little off-putting but I can look past it for the Biscotti chunks.

I’d definitely say that this drink tastes like some type of colder season. I don’t know about Fall, but for sure Winter. If Christmas had a taste, this shake would be it. The lack of pumpkin may be the reason it’s not reminiscent of Fall.

Overall, I would recommend this drink to anyone. It has a universal taste to it; no matter chocolate or vanilla preference, everyone would enjoy this shake. It’s perfect for the colder months ahead.