Are Drake tickets worth it?


Photo courtesy of Vulture

Drake and 21 Savage perform songs from his 2022 album titled “Her Loss” as a part of his “It’s all a blur” tour.

Famous rapper, singer and songwriter Drake has built a massive fanbase over the years with his chart-topping hits and unforgettable performances. As one of the biggest artists in the music industry, his concert tickets are in popular demand and fans are more eager than ever to secure a spot in the crowd.

This summer, Drake is going on his “It’s all a Blur” tour featuring 21 Savage and will be performing at Capital One Arena in July. When the presale began in April, fans were ecstatic, but after seeing prices, many worried that tickets might be too expensive. With standard general admission tickets starting at $228 for nosebleeds and prices surpassing $490 as you get closer to the stage, the concert is definitely not cheap. The most sought after seats reach anywhere from $800-2000 per ticket and purchasing multiple can be even more costly. So, are Drake tickets really worth it?

As one of the most popular and critically acclaimed rappers today, there’s no doubt that Drake is an outstanding performer and highly talented artist. With this being said, concert tickets to “It’s all a Blur” are definitely worth it. Drake’s concerts are known for their exciting atmosphere, high energy, good music and high-quality production and visuals, all of which make the tickets worth the money.

Drake hasn’t toured North America since 2018 and since then has released a handful of new music. Because the tour also features 21 Savage, the price is worth it as you get to see two big artists. Not only will the setlist be good, but as his first tour in North America in five years, it’ll be an incredible show and will provide many memorable experiences.

Drake also cares about his fans. Concerts create a connection between the artist and their fans, and seeing an artist live is unlike listening to the music on your phone or the radio. Because this concert is also during the summer it’s even more worthwhile as it poses as the perfect summer activity to enjoy with family and friends.

Whether or not the tickets are worth it can vary based on how much you like Drake. For more devoted fans, the opportunity to see their favorite artist live makes up for the cost. As Drake is one of the most popular, talented and versatile rappers, his concert will be an unforgettable experience. The opportunity alone to see a music icon of his caliber live and in action, makes the tickets more than worth it.