Girls Lacrosse: March 22 – March 27 Recap

Cami Keyani, Staff Writer

Games: Tuesday, March 22 v. Wootton and Thursday, March 24 v. Poolesville

Scores: 16- 12 (Win v. Wootton), 9-4 (Win v. Poolesville)

Highlight: “Unstoppable” goalie Paige Waqa deflects strong offense  and aids Wildcats in their victories.

MVP: Senior midfielder Rachel Skay

Coach Insight: “Poolesville was ‘the team to beat’ – said The Gazette – and WJ did it, so now we are the team to beat. I feel great about the win last night. We took control of the ball and we set the pace of the gamekay.” – Coach Chrissy Yetter

Player Insight: “[Poolesville] was a tough game but for every goal they made, we made another, and eventually it was goal after goal after goal for a five-point victory.” – Junior midfielder Bryn Molloy

Record: 3-0

Next Game: WJ at Springbrook on March 30