WJ field hockey playoff review


Going into the first round of playoffs, the WJ varsity field hockey team looked strong. They were coming off of a two game winning streak and were excited for their first matchup against Montgomery Blair High School. The team played Blair in their final game of the regular season and won 3-0, so everyone was confident entering the game.

The matchup against Blair took place at home on October 24 and the team ended up winning 2-0. The girls played very solid defense and didn’t allow Blair’s forwards to get many shots on goal. The was ultimately was the main reason the Wildcats shut them out. The two goals were scored by senior captain Kara Williamson and senior Holden Rafey.

Coming off the 2-0 win against Blair in the first round, the team proceeded to play against Walt Whitman High School in the second round of the playoffs. The game was held at Whitman on October 26. Unfortunately, the Cats ended up losing 1-0. This was the last game of their season.

Senior goalkeeper Toni Koroye commented on how the season went as a whole.

“We played well this season. We were able to successfully keep the amount of goals scored against us low, and we had a great time playing with each other as a team. The best thing about this year is that we improved so much each and we grew together as a group,” Koroye said.

Senior captain Josie Laing sums up the year and adds onto the future of WJ field hockey.

“It was a good year for the team, we had a lot of fun together and the future of Walter Johnson field hockey looks bright,” Laing said.

Overall, it was a great year for the WJ field hockey team and as this year’s seniors leave, the next rising classes are looking to improve in the years to come.