Festivals and concerts: the impact of drugs


Musical Festivals are filled with people and suspected drugs. Students at WJ are familiar with this problem. Photo courtesy of Daily Hive

Lilli Konicoff

When most people hear the term “music festival,” they might initially think of musicians, but in their subconscious minds, drug culture consumes their thought. Music festivals, concerts and raves, are filled with illegal substances and illicit drugs. The question is, why do people feel the need to be on drugs at concerts?
The reason for so much illegal activity at festivals/concerts may have to do with peer pressure and looking cool. Perhaps the reason for using them is just pure enjoyment. Although concert culture usually involves drugs, they are still illegal, and can lead to unfavorable consequences.
As it seems, the WJ community isn’t into taking “hard” drugs (acid, LSD, etc.) like a lot of people who go to concerts do.

Q: Why do you do drugs at concerts?
Anonymous source one: “Because it makes it a lot better, it’s a more exciting experience and is a time when doing drugs seems acceptable.”
Anonymous source two: “[Drugs] help you become more social and they are fun. School is very stressful, and drugs can provide a good escape. It makes you experience the concert in a different way, and makes the music better.”

Q: What drugs do you partake in when at concerts?
Anonymous source one: “Marijuana, alcohol, and a juul.”
Anonymous source two: “I only drink, but my friends smoke marijuana for concerts.”
Anonymous source three: “I mostly just juul and drink for concerts.”

Q: Do you engage in drugs at concerts?
Anonymous source three: “Everyone does it, so why not do it?”

Q: Would you go to a concert sober?
Anonymous source one: “Yes. I think it is important to know you’re able to have fun sober, so you don’t have to rely on alcohol in order to have a good time.”
Anonymous source two: “Yes, I don’t always feel the need to be drunk to have fun.”
Anonymous source three: “When everyone else is drunk, I prefer to be in the crowd, but I don’t depend on alcohol or drugs to have a good time.”