WJ news digest: 6/4/18


The media center recently purchased exercise bikes for students to use. Photo Courtesy of Naomi Gelfand

WJ wins SNAME Boat Design competition

WJ took first place in the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers boat design competition. The team was one of four boats out of 41 teams to go to the finals. Half the points earned was for accuracy of calculations and the other half was for on-water performance.

Senior Justin Hughes is a member of the team and thought being a part of the team was a great time.

“It was a fun, rewarding experience that taught me a lot about the engineering process,” Hughes said.

International Night

On Friday the seventh International Night took place in the cafeteria. The event had around two hundred people with booths and dancing from many different countries. The booths contained information about the country in addition to traditional food such as sushi from the Japan booth. Many countries such as Brazil participated in dance performances presented in groups. Many parents joined in on the festivities and were available to help out various stations. The dancers male and female wore traditional clothing or colors from their country. The participants took full advantage of their ability to show off their admiration for their country.

Media Center Exercise bikes  

The media center staff recently made the decision to add exercise bikes to entice students to read/ do homework while getting exercise.

“I saw a few articles about other schools who put bikes in their media centers and thought it would fun to try,” Media Specialist Naomi Gelfand said. “Students and staff have been using them and enjoying them.”