Athlete of the issue Q&A: Swim and dive star Julien Musel


Photo courtesy of Julien Musel

Musel flips during an incredible dive, look for more impressive dives like this during the season.

Matt Shea, Staff Writer

Walter Johnson diving star junior Julien Musel headlines the athlete of the issue. Musel has shown impressive skill with his dives and has been given praise by many students around the school for his athleticism. With the diving season just coming underway, Musel looks to use his skills to propel WJ and the national team he dives for to wins.

     Q: When did you first start diving? What caused you to develop an interest in the sport?

    A: I started diving two and a half years ago at Merrimack Pool, and I always used to do jumps or flips off of the diving board. One of my friend’s mom came up to me and asked if I wanted to join the dive team. I was so excited and I said yes right away without even asking my parents. After one summer session, I got recruited to the national team and I have been there ever since.

     Q: What would you say is a personal goal for you this season?

    A: My goal this season is to really push myself and see what I can really do.

      Q: Do you have any special workout routines or diet plans that you follow?

    A: To stay fit for diving, I have an hour workout before I dive, then I have to stretch for 45 minutes. I eat a lot of healthy stuff and I will continue to do that.

     Q: Who would you say is the toughest school to compete against?

    A: Churchill. They have amazing divers and some of them are on my national team and practice with me.

     Q: Is there an athlete that you admire or look up to?

    A: Haley Tomlinson, she used to dive at Walter Johnson and she was on the National Team when I first joined. She is an amazing diver and I’ve always wanted to be like her. She still encourages me.

     Q: Has there been anyone throughout your life that has helped you get better?

    A: My grandfather. He recently passed away but he has been my number one supporter and he will always be.