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50 random things to do during quarantine

Photo courtesy of Air Force Resilience
The whole world is feeling the tiring effects of self-quarantine and with summer vacation coming up, nearly all vacations have been put on a hold. Spending the days by doing productive activities like painting or reading can help reduce these stressful times.

Sports, concerts, prom, summer trips and even school have all been canceled, leaving everyone moping around for days on end, thinking about the fun memories we once had. Now that we are in this unfortunate quarantine situation, we can still make our days as tolerable as possible by doing all the things we once claimed that we never had time to do.

Hopefully this list of 50 things will make your quarantine as interesting as possible, and maybe a bit productive.

Start a blog or a journal

At some point in our lives, we all started one and most likely never made it past a week. Well now you can start one, whether it’s about corona or food that you miss.

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Start a language on Duolingo.

Learning a real language is already hard enough, but if you are a Star Trek fan (or just really bored) challenge that sleepy brain by learning Klingon on Duolingo.

Bake those goods

Cookies, muffins, cupcakes or bread. They are all great options, bake them all!

Support Tom Hanks into recovery

While in Australia, Tom Hanks got diagnosed with coronavirus. Show your love by watching every Tom Hanks movie chronologically.

Coloring books

Remember these things from when you were a kid? Well they are for grown ups too, spend the time coloring to your wildest imagination.

Blind taste test

You can use this opportunity to use all of those old ingredients and make a fun game out of them. Just have someone blindfolded and have them taste something and see if they can guess what it is.

Watch Frozen 2 on Disney +

If you haven’t already, watch it. The songs will get stuck in your head.

Missed March Madness?

Have a scrabble tournament, or even Pictionary.


Why wait till April 1st? See if you can come up with hilarious pranks to do on your family and friends (and make sure you record it).

Dye your hair

If you don’t like it, don’t worry, no one will know.

Make a TikTok

The addictive social media app is filled with quarantine-themed Tik Tok’s. Try making one of your own.

Arrange your closet

It’ll take longer than you think.

Make a quarantine bucket list

Make sure to add all the other 49 things on this list to it.


Get ready to bring out your inner architect. Build away!

Make a quarantine family card

Let your family know you’re doing ok by making a family card. You don’t have to wait for the holidays.

Play dress up

Cause, why not?

Memorize all 27 amendments

You never know when it might come in handy.

Spend the day using your non-dominant hand

Brush your teeth, eat, get dressed. See how long you can get through the day without using your dominant hand.

Wash your hands

Stay squeaky clean and corona free by taking care of your hygiene.

How many words can you type a minute?

Test your skills by using TypingClub.

Don’t procrastinate for a day

You’ll be amazed at how much work you can get done.

No shave….Corona?

Let that beard grow, and love it.


Help local businesses by sending them food at food banks or gift cards.

Make a DIY face mask

Make a face mask to keep yourself safe when going outside. Paper towels, fabric and old pieces of clothing can work. Check out this awesome tutorial on The Pitch!

Stretch it out

Keep those muscles moving, and maybe one day you can do the splits again.

Plan a trip you’ll never go on

Thailand, Aruba, Iceland? The world is your oyster.

Bored games

Spend the nights away with your family by crushing them at Uno.

Ever wondered who you’re great- great-great- great- great…..grandparents were?

Try Ancestry. Com and have fun learning more about your past.

Home movie theater

Gather your friends and family around the living room with plenty of junk food and enjoy the show!

Try some tye-dye

Wanna a taste of the 70’s? Grab an old piece of clothing and attempt an at home tye-dye.

Talk to a therapist

Our world is currently filled with stress and anxiety. If you ever need to talk to a professional, try a teletherapist where you can arrange online sessions without ever leaving your bed.


Take a break from the screen and try out a new book. WJ’s media center just released Sora. It’s a great app where you can check out tons of free books!

Change the scene

Hanging out in the same old room can be quite boring. Rearrange some furniture and make your room seem like a whole new world.

Self care Sunday

Mental health is just as important as physical health. Try an at home cucumber face mask or a five minute breathing meditation.

Ask Google

Have you ever wanted to know why lemons are sour? Well wonder no more. Learn new facts by asking Google all of your desired questions.

Check-in on your friends

Facetime, Skype, or Zoom in on your friends. You know you miss them.

Prep for AP exams

Don’t let all that learning go to waste, and prepare for the upcoming exams.

Wash them hands again

You can never get enough hand washing.

Build a fort and sleep in it

Let your creativity run wild, and see how big of a fort you can make.

Make a painting and then auction it off

Ebay has been filled with crazy auctions, with people buying paintings and even fast food for thousands of dollars. So test your luck. Make a painting and sell it.

Domino trail

Get that satisfaction of watching the dominos tip over! Make as long of a trail as you can.

Indoor picnic

Pack those grilled cheese sandwiches and potato chips, and head on over to your living room for an awesome quarantine picnic.

Read old emails

A dreading part of high school is receiving dozens of emails from the college board. Catch up on those, you’ve got the time.

Learn a magic trick

Impress your family members by learning a new card trick.

Indoor basketball

Paper and a trash can are all you really need. Find some creative ways to shoot hoops.


This may be one of the most dreadful things on the list, but just because school physically went away it doesn’t mean homework did. Don’t procrastinate.


Sing those tunes to your favorite jam.

Plain old arts and crafts

Make a bracelet or mug out of clay.

Become an expert at a video game

Fortnite, Mario kart, Super Smash Bros. Find a video game to beat.


Catch up on those sleepless nights all in one week. Trust me you’ve earned it.

Our world is in a very fragile state. Many of our lives have taken quite a turn but it’s important to remember that our mental state is very important. Times might be hard but we might as well make the best of it.

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