One year later, students share the captured memories of when they realized life was changing


Photo courtesy of Anais Harley

“Its the start of people realizing what really happens with minorities, with our legal system. This was the turning point of change for black people.”

It’s been about a year since the last time we were all together. So many things have happened since the start of the lockdowns and this week marks the anniversary of when our lives began to change forever. Empty grocery shelves, school from home, empty streets; it all seems like something that came out of a movie scene. Uncertainty still lingers all around the world, people still longing for a single touch. There is still so much we don’t know about covid and how life will even continue. Here are some of the captured moments when WJ students realized that life as they knew it, wouldn’t be the same again.


“The governor just announced that Maryland was going into lockdown and this was the first time I realized that people were actually panicking, most food products were gone, and cleaning products became harder to find.” (Photo courtesy of Taniyah Epps)


¨Seeing the first female vice president of the United States take office was inspiring and hopefully opens doors for many women around the world.¨ (Photo courtesy of Healey Morgan)


“This is one of the first time I had to wear a mask in public.” (Photo courtesy of Leah Stievater)


“Its the start of people realizing what really happens with minorities, with our legal system. This was the turning point of change for black people.” (Photo courtesy of Anais Harley)


“This race is one of the most exciting of the year and my boat was gonna be the first lightweight girls eight to race for WJ at stores, and when it got canceled two months before…I knew then that if they were canceling things that were decently far out this was not a basic few-week break.” (Photo courtesy of Ava Familant)


¨Once covid hit the highways and streets were basically empty from everyone staying in their homes.¨ (Photo courtesy of Eliot Eisen)


¨At the height on BLM protest, people marched the streets of DC. This photo depicts the strength and power of Americans demanding action against this vital issue plaguing the nation. ¨ (Photo courtesy of Steven Johnson)


“This picture after three months of quarantine I finally got to seem friend and we took pictures that day. And you can see in my smile that I was so happy because I was really struggling with not being able to see anyone…” (Photo courtesy of Ava Familant)


“A new page was turned for the country when a new president was elected.” (Photo courtesy of Rona Shacham)


“A confederate statue defaced with messages of anti-racism.” (Photo courtesy of Reagan Tyler)


“I realized that the world was changing after spending so much time in my house, and only seeing my parents and older brother. It got to the point where we did everything together…” (Photo courtesy of Maayan Chashper)


¨I took this picture in DC two days after Joe Biden was elected. My family and I as well as so many other people had felt an immense weight on our shoulders for the last four years. It had felt as though there was only ever going to be bad news coming out of the White House. But in this moment, when I was standing outside of the gates of the White House, staring at all of those signs, I realized that the nightmare was over. Though there was still so much work to do, I felt like things were finally changing for the better and that after a year of pain and suffering for so many people, there was finally hope. ¨ (Photo courtesy of Ruby Topalian)