Abortion takes the spotlight in the Maryland legislature

Rutajit Shetty

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Abortion supporters rally for support in Annapolis at Lawyers’ Mall.

Maryland lawmakers passed a bill that would drastically expand who can perform abortions and prohibit most insurers from charging patients out-of-pocket payments for the operation. Marking the biggest significant reform to the state’s abortion rules in three decades.

The abortion bill was passed on a party-line vote by Democrats is one of a number of divisive bills that General Assembly leaders feared Gov. Larry Hogan’s veto; however, it was overridden in the state legislature.

The Democratic-controlled legislature is hurrying bills to Hogan’s desk on abortion, climate change, paid family leave and gun control by Friday. This bill was vetoed by Hogan and overridden by the state legislature.

With a November election, Democrats will have only one chance to overturn the governor’s policy decisions.

Over the last month, the abortion debate has devoured hours of emotional testimony from politicians, with Democrats wanting to lift longstanding political limits on the operation and Republicans in the minority keen to bring back some of the country’s most liberal abortion laws. Democrats won a veto-proof majority in the House of Representatives.

“The governor will consider the legislation when it reaches his desk,” Hogan’s office said.

In 2017 Hogan allowed a similar bill to be passed with a hands-off approach. The bill comes as state legislators throughout the country grapple with the prospect of abortion treatment in the United States if the Supreme Court overturns the landmark Roe v. Wade decision.

Maryland currently allows only physicians to conduct abortions. According to abortion advocates, leaving two-thirds of the state’s counties without an abortion provider.

This is unbelievably horrific. But it shouldn’t surprise us that the pro-abort lobby is doing this. There is no moral difference between killing a baby days after birth or days before. Abortion is infanticide.

— Live Action president and founder Lila G.Rose

Live-Action is one of the nation’s biggest pro-life movements founded by Rose at age 15. The organization holds peaceful protests praying outside of abortion clinics, hosts guest speakers and has a large social media presence having 5.6 million Instagram followers. Live-Action and Rose regularly criticize pro-abortion legislation domestically and call out abortion sympathizers.

It would also set aside $3.5 million to train healthcare providers who may have attended medical institutions in states where such education is not available. It would also compel insurers to cover the surgery without copays or deductibles, lowering the cost. Moreover, it would require for state funding for abortion services. The bill will go into effect July 1, 2022 with the help of the democrats overriding the veto.