2022 Homecoming movie brings anticipation


Photo by Sanir Byanjanker

(From left) SGA Vice President Luke Liden, President Ethan Mendes, social studies teacher Fred Dellelo, Secretary Bryan Kibet and Treasurer Lauren Kim pose for behind-the-scenes photos of the Homecoming movie.

With Homecoming making a quick approach, many students anticipate the yearly Homecoming movie as this year’s 2023 leadership class has left much up to the imagination.

The Homecoming movie is an honored WJ tradition, as each year’s senior class writes, directs, and performs various different scenes with differing, but equally engaging plots. This year’s movie has generated lots of talk as many students have seen the SGA and senior class officers circulating the school. As a result, the question on many student minds is, what is this year’s theme?

“If you’ve ever seen Monster University and the concept of the scare games, it’s pretty relatable and similar,” SGA president Ethan Mendes said.

Students also wonder if any of their favorite teachers will make an appearance.

“There’s a scene with Mr. Dellelo, that is really unexpected,” Mendes said.

The filming process is something that every class struggles with as they start at the beginning of the summer, and bleed into the school year just in time for Homecoming week. This year in particular has been met with many challenges regarding recording.

“We’ve had a lot of difficulties with coordinating with the SGA and senior class, a lot of difficulty getting permission to use certain areas of the building, and everyone’s really busy, but we’ve managed to find a way around it,” Mendes said.

Despite the stress and turmoil, this yearly event is rewarding and a bonding experience for the SGA and senior class officers. The time put into the movie is also time officers spend with each other and pave the way for the rest of the year.

“Even though it’s a lot of work and it takes a lot of time out of my day, it’s worth it,” Mendes said.

The SGA and senior class officers urge students to watch and enjoy the movie as lots of hard work has gone into every aspect of the film and they hope every student enjoys it. The Homecoming movie is a long standing and highly anticipated tradition which has never failed to make students laugh, and this year is no different!

“It should be funny and people should like it, it’s a good movie with a lot of work put into it,” senior class treasure Leo Pahuja said.

The official release date is Friday, October 28, so mark your calendars!

“Expect the unexpected,” Pahuja said.