Staying in the loop: why do students crochet and knit?


Photo courtesy Yahlly Kachlon

Sophomore Yahlly Kachlon shows off her favorite crocheted creation. The project was modeled off of a famous Harry Styles cardigan.

Crocheting and knitting, a “grandma” hobby turned trendy, has stitched its way into the WJ community. Yarn crafts have existed for decades, but quarantine boredom prompted several students to invest their time, energy and money into this versatile hobby. Whether it’s making wardrobe accessories or gifts for friends, students can crochet and knit projects that rival those centered on Pinterest boards.

The creative processes of these crafts are unique. When walking into a Michaels, Joanne or other arts stores, there are aisles upon aisles devoted to collections of yarn. The vast selection of colors and thicknesses make deciding a fun yet principal choice.

From there, one can choose any pattern their heart desires or invent a new one altogether. Every stylistic option is the creator’s choice and every stitch is personalized.

Crocheting and knitting prove useful for different events happening throughout the year. With winter around the corner, making scarfs, blankets or other garments becomes possible through these activities. With that being said, every season offers new possibilities to test these skills.

Students can find inspiration for their creations all over the internet, sometimes taking ideas from celebrity looks.

“My favorite thing that I have crocheted is my Harry Styles cardigan. It was also the first thing I crocheted that really got me into it. It was a huge project and took me roughly half a year, but it is definitely my favorite item of clothing,” sophomore Yahlly Kachlon said.

Clothes are not the only items that students gravitate towards; stuffed animals and blankets are also a favorite.

“I normally make little stuffed animal things for my friends… my small little animal things I can make in two days,” junior Quinn Garrett said.

Although some patterns can be challenging to follow, the repetitive motions of crocheting and knitting can become second nature. Some projects can be finished in a day, while others take months to complete, which means utilizing time whenever and wherever possible.

Knitting is very meditative. I love watching a movie or TV show when I knit because it gives me something to do without distracting me from the TV.

— Hannah Moore

The process becomes so natural that the setting in which one takes on these crafts is unimportant; Sometimes crocheting or knitting in a car or another place of opportunity is preferred. They are great ways to spend a four hour drive.

“I can do it anywhere… I crocheted on the subway, which is kind of dirty,” Garrett said.

Planes are also a great crafting setting and one can arrive at one’s destination with a new clothing item already in hand.

“The weirdest place I crocheted was on a plane and I have to say it was pretty great. It distracted me for really long and [I] made great progress. I did get some weird looks, though,” Kachlon said.

The satisfaction of completing a project is a significant aspect to the appeals of crocheting and knitting. Being able to hold the finished products and present it to others is an exciting accomplishment.

“My favorite thing about crocheting is when someone compliments my clothes and I can say that I made it. That’s pretty cool,” Kachlon said.