• Feature
    Q&A: Graduation Speaker and Former Press Secretary Mike McCurry

    How were you approached about becoming graduation speaker?   I got a letter on Jan. 6 from the senior class officers inviting me to be the commencement speaker. I think they checked with Will, , first to make sure he was cool with it- they didn’t...

  • Feature
    The Downside of Missing School: My Experience With Multiple Jaw Surgeries

    a life-changing misfortune When I was in eighth grade, just a month shy of turning 14, I had all four of my impacted wisdom teeth extracted. I was given IV sedation for the procedure, as is common, and the oral surgeon apparently opened my mouth too wide. As a result, both of...

  • Feature
    Going Green: WJ’s Guide to Healthy Living

    It can be hard to find healthy options when you and your friends hit up the same fast food chains at lunch day after day. So, The Pitch decided to help you out and recommend the healthiest options at some of your favorite local chains (and as an extra incentive, we compared them...

  • Feature
    Going Green: WJ’s Guide to Healthy Living…For Some, Eco-Friendly Is a Way of Life

    From promoting organic foods through this year’s Eco Café to simple diet and exercise, this April, the WJ community has been focusing on physical and environmental health. In the spirit of Earth Day and the approaching bikini season, The Pitch decided to focus on those members of the community who have chosen...

  • Feature
    Dare to Green: WJ Celebrates Earth Day

    This year, as in years past, WJ celebrated Earth Day in the best way possible: by showing students how they could celebrate the Earth in their everyday lives. But as an added bonus, many of the displays at this year’s Earth Day festivities, which were created by the Peace and Social Action...

  • Sports News
    Boys Tennis Cruises Through Division II

    With a 9-1 record so far this season, the team is dominating Division II, a step down from the elite Division I where they were last season. So far, with a record to prove it, the team has been able to defeat almost all of their competitors without breaking a sweat. 00

  • Sports News
    Boys Lacrosse Wins Four Straight in April

    Defense may win championships, but when an offense is playing the way the boys lacrosse team’s has, it’s hard to bet against them. 00

  • The Inside Pitch
    Rugby: Not Just Another Euro-Fad

    Thousands of miles away from here, fans wearing their home team’s colors of black and silver stand in their seats as a scoring opportunity arises. They hold their breath in unison as they watch the play develop. A player clad in black breaks through a defensive backs attempt at a tackle and...

  • The Inside Pitch
    Spring Grab-Bag

    With a myriad of sports present in today’s world, we here on The Pitch’s sports staff, consisting of David Riva, Colin Buley, Corey Goldstone and Mateo Williamson, believe that every sport, regardless of popularity, has the right to be the object of our snarky comments.   Forum rules: -No f*@#*ing potty-talk, dammit!...

  • Sports News
    Fresh Start for Boys Volleyball

    Returning only three players this year from a team last year that went undefeated in the regular season, the boys volleyball team has played the season to an impressive 7-4 record. Led by their captains, junior setter Jeremy Lee and senior middle hitter Henry Tollefson, the team’s success comes despite inexperience. 00

  • Sports News
    Hitting Falls Short of Expectations for 6-7 Baseball

    When looking at the baseball team’s roster, the amount of individual athleticism is impressive. Unfortunately for the team as a whole, the hitting has not been up to snuff. 00

  • Sports News
    Coed Vollyball

    Despite the new additions to the team, coed volleyball is struggling with season so far with a record of 2-7. The difference in experience and playing against “stacked” teams proves as a disadvantage for the team. Stacking occurs when a team does not have enough players to make a good coed and...

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