• Arts & Entertainment
    Website Of The Week: Grooveshark.Com

    We all love music right? I know I do, and grooveshark.com is my personal favorite site for music streaming. You can create your own playlists like on Spotify, have similar songs and playlists recommended or pre-built for you like Pandora, and you can even broadcast the playlists you made like your own...

  • Opinion
    Banned from the Blood Drive

    On March 10, WJ hosted the spring blood drive, and this time, I decided I would participate and donate to save a life. However, before I could donate, I learned I was ineligible from ever donating because of a certain medication I took when I was younger for a medical condition. Now I am one...

  • Arts & Entertainment
    App of the Week: Knights Of Pen and Paper

    As someone who really dislikes anything “Dungeons & Dragons,” I was surprised by Knights of Pen and Paper (KoPP)’s  great storyline and fun gameplay. I am a huge fan of role playing games (RPGs) and KoPP delivers fantastically. Also, my definition of “fun” should be taken from the viewpoint of someone who likes turn-based RPGs. If you’re...

  • Videos
    WJ Spring Pep Rally 2014

    The Pitch Online takes you to the field for the final pep rally of the year. Also, Male Poms make their long-anticipated debut.   00

  • News
    Veterans Finally Honored for Their Heroics

    On March 18, 24 US Army Veterans were finally honored for their heroic actions. These veterans, known collectively as the Valor 24, fought in World War II, Vietnam and Korea. Despite many of them earning the military’s second highest honor, the Distinguished Service Cross, they were all denied what they had rightfully...

  • News
    Abortion Protest Sparks Controversy

    Students walking to Georgetown Square during lunch on Thursday, March 20, were met with graphic anti-abortion posters set up...

  • Arts & Entertainment
    March 17 Issue Sudoku Answer Key


  • News
    Big Changes to Come for the SAT

    The College Board has recently announced that it will be instituting changes to redesign the SAT beginning in 2016. Changes will likely affect students currently in ninth grade. “The redesigned SAT will focus on the knowledge and skills that current research shows are most essential for college and career readiness and success,”...

  • Opinion
    Pitch Opinion: Books to Movies

    It is extremely common, especially this year with books such as “Divergent,” “The Fault in Our Stars,” and “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” for Hollywood to take novels and convert them to the big screen.  This is an interesting practice that exposes the author’s work to a larger audience and provides a...

  • Feature
    BSU Organizes African American Heritage Assembly

    On Thursday, Feb. 27, the African American Heritage Assembly took place in the WJ auditorium during a...

  • Arts & Entertainment
    The Rise and Fall of the (In)famous Dong Nguyen

    “Flappy Bird.” The mere name sends some into PTSD-like fits of fear and anger. The most popular game on the app store, “Flappy Bird” is nothing short of incredible in both its simplicity and success. Or was, I should say, becuase if you’re in the loop as far as satanic mobile games...

  • Opinion
    Movie Review: “Frozen”

    With the temperature in Maryland being lower than in Alaska, it’s nice to escape the tundra of Bethesda by catching a movie.  I would suggest going to see Disney’s “Frozen.” “Frozen” has been the top of the box office for a while and had almost grossed $350 million, it after seeing it, it’s pretty obvious...

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