Fall fashion insights for 2016


Sophi Thompson


There’s no time like autumn for booties to shine. The crisp breeze is just enough to take you out of your sandals but no one’s ready to tug an ugg boot up their leg. The only solution to this goldilocks-esque dilemma is the bootie.

A short boot that goes with skater dresses, suits, jeans, maxi dresses and even pencil skirts, the possibilities are endless when it comes to booties. Another reason this is the go to shoe is because there are so many styles of it. Booties can be leather, suede, heeled, flat, black, brown, creme, zipped, slip on etc. WJ and its leading style guru have fully accepted the booties as the premiere fall find.

“I love the booties, I mean I don’t have a specific style so I’ll mix it up all the time,” junior Juliana Bakumenko said. Bakumenko is the president of WJ’s fashion club and is anticipating fall with excitement.

“I love layers, and army green is very nice for fall,” Bakumenko said about her favorite fall look.
What’s clear is that no matter what everyone’s wearing, WJ is ready for fall.

Soft Pink:

Everyone out there has gone through phases of loving pink, hating pink and harboring confusion over if the color pink makes you look like a 12 year-old barbie princess or not. Fear not, for those reluctant to wear bubblegum head to toe, boy is this the trend for you!

Soft pink is the color equivalent of putting on lipstick just to wipe it right off. Soft pink creates that elegant blush without the glaring fluorescent tones that are usually associated with pink. The color contrasts so nicely with the richer tones of fall that it’ll make anyone stand out against the autumn foliage.

The color was highlighted in several top designers collections, including Ulla Johnson. It’s been called “pale pink”, “dusty pink” and “light rose”. No matter what it’s label it’ll definitely be showing up in every Forever 21 nationwide.

WJ students also appreciate the qualities that soft pink has to offer.

“It’s cute! I like it, I would wear it,” junior Gabi Cohen said. Her personal style is comfortable and cozy, those items of clothing that one can roll out of bed and onto the bus in can be found in her closet.

However, she argued against soft pink being restricted to fall only.

“It’s always in fashion,” Cohen said.

It’s hard not to agree with Cohen- stepping into a dusty pink bomber jacket or accenting an ensemble with a fluffy pale pink scarf could have someone hooked on soft pink-year round.

Distressed Denim:

Practically everyone who attended Fashion Week can agree that distressed denim is the go to basic this fall. Part of its popularity is its versatility, distressed denim can be worn in the form of pants or a jacket but the most recent catwalk saw jean gowns. However, seeing as there was a meme existing solely to make fun of excessive denim, maybe keeping it simple is the way to go. Along with the types of garments that can be made out of denim, “distressed” being a subjective term gives you more options. Distressed denim can have a rip at the knee or look like it’s been shredded by a wood chipper and still be on trend.
WJ, along with the rest of the world, is ready to rock denim this fall.

“I would definitely wear those jeans, that’s some really swanky stuff,” senior John Kenny said. Kenny described his personal style as a simple look, including oversized sweatshirts and jeans.

It’s easy to love an old classic like worn out denim. Anything that’s survived the fashion wasteland that was the early 2000s, has found its place in our hearts. If anyone questions that denim was abused over the last few decades, they can just google Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s couples look.

Thankfully, distressed denim has made a tasteful recovery to find its way into every wardrobe this fall.