• Up At Bat: Chipotle and Cafeteria Contribute to Increase in Student Health

    Every day from 10:53-11:31 a.m., students from WJ pile into the new Chipotle located in Georgetown Square. Many citizens of the WJ community may think the amount of Chipotle eaten by WJ students poses a health hazard. However, purchasing and consuming the right amount of Chipotle ingredients may just be the cause...

  • Curveball: Ironed Private Pants vs. Public No-Pants

    As many of you already know, outside of WJ there is a whole other world of education, a whole new brand of the purgatory that is high school, a world of collared, button down shirts, pre-frayed hats cocked to one side and most importantly, the bros that fill them. Now most students...

  • Point-Counterpoint: MCPS Pays the Price for New Holiday

    If January 20, 2005 had not fallen on a Saturday, would MCPS have considered shutting down all facilities so that students could witness President Elect George Bush’s inauguration into office?  The 1997 inauguration of President Bill Clinton happened on a Monday and school was not canceled. Whether or not we live in...

  • Point-Counterpoint: Board of Ed. Makes Right Call in Cancelling School

    The Board of Education made the right decision in closing schools on Inauguration Day, Jan. 20. The significance of this moment in American history coupled with the logistical nightmare it would be to open schools warrants the closing of MCPS. We must make the most of the unique opportunity presented to us...

  • Letter to the Editor

    Dear Editor, After reading the article about the media center policies, I am appalled and very concerned that we are being targeted as Nazi media staff.  The reporter only interviewed the media specialist, giving us “the media assistants” no chance to defend ourselves from such defamatory statements.  We have one media assistant...

  • Mustachioed Men of WJ Form New Guild

    I was once like you. I wandered the school each day going, from class to class like the lemming of my formal self. It was a mind-numbing routine full of futility. I used to constantly think to myself, “Hey. Why is my life deficient in artistic value? Why can’t I accomplish something...

  • Bias Plagues Blood Collection

    * This article has been modified from its original version. I was turned away this year at WJ’s blood drive. I was honest on my questionnaire and, after admitting I had engaged in sexual contact with another male, I was told I could not donate blood. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA)...

  • Pitch Opinion: ‘Ficker Amendment’ Hinders Efficiency

    Nov. 4 was a momentous day. The grueling campaigns of the two presidential candidates were culminating at last, while scores of congressional races were also winding down. But buried under all of the buzz and hype on Election Day was an issue much more pertinent to our local interests: Question B on...

  • The Roberts Rant: Reasons for Teen Cheating Found in Adults

    Recently, the Washington Post reported that 64 percent of U.S high school students admitted to cheating on a test in the past year. Some may believe that teenagers today lack honesty and regard for ethics, but what adults don’t seem to realize is that they’re unknowingly pressuring high school students to cheat....

  • Up At Bat: What is the Most Unique Gift You Have Ever Given or Received?

    With the holiday season approaching, we’ve begun to question the morals of everyone around us. How dare anyone complain about the gifts they receive, whether it be for Hanukkah, Christmas or Kwanzaa? 00

  • Local Institutions Greatly Misjudged

    As summer begins to slip off over the horizon, seniors across the nation are buckling down to do their college apps, each one of them sighing as their summer disappears into a stack of transcripts and teacher recommendations. Here in “MoCo,” the college application process marks the beginning of junior year, as...

  • Point-Counterpoint: Prometheans Revolutionize Classroom Potential

    “Incredible” is the only way to describe WJ’s reaction to the new Promethean boards. The 40 boards given to our school by MCPS have gained the attention of all students and teachers, and for good reason. These boards will take WJ into a new era of modern education, allowing unparalleled progress in...

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