Seniors vs junior girls take on Powderpuff


Every spring, WJ seniors and juniors face off in a fun, yet competitive, touch football game called ‘Powderpuff’. In this event classes compete for the championship. This year’s game took place after school on Wed., May 18.

Senior Katie Hickey signed up to participate in this year’s game after playing last year.

“I played last year because I thought it would be fun to be able to play football against the grade above me, but this year I’m injured and am not allowed to play. I’m being a manager and helping coach from the sideline, which should be fun, too,” Hickey said.

Junior Jordan Bryon had decided to participate in the event this year.

“I went to the Powderpuff game last year to watch and it looked so fun, so I thought it would be fun to participate this year,” Bryon said.

The day before the big game, each team held a practice to work together and figure out the positions. Although both teams think they are equal in skill, the seniors typically have somewhat of an advantage.

Hickey believed the purpose of having practices before the actual event helps the team work well in the actual game.

“There are mandatory practices scheduled for each team to get an idea of what each player strengths and weaknesses are,” Hickey said.

In addition, both teams had coaches to help with coaching and make sure the game run smoothly.

“Each grade of girls participating on each team get to choose who they want as their coach based on who has the most spirit and would help us win,” Bryon said.

There were many senior coaches including Dillon Jobes and Grant Anderson. 

These senior coaches helped lead the seniors to a victory over the junior class.

“This year, the seniors beat the juniors 28-14, but was a tough game,” Hickey said.

Senior coaches credited the win to time spent practicing.

“Seniors played well, showing practice does make perfect, and played very well overall,” Anderson said.

Jobes agreed. “We rocked it this year!” he said.

Many people think of this as a fun end of the year event that is full of spirit and serves as a last ‘hurrah’ for seniors.

“We created this as a fun event for one last great event for seniors to play juniors in a game of football,” Hickey said.