The Pitch

Students in this upcoming admissions cycle will not be required to report their test scores; this has opened doors for many students who worried that this would ultimately be the barrier to their success.

Test-Optional is the equitable choice

Ruby Topalian, Print Opinion Editor
October 20, 2021
Senior JP Rakis sets up the drum for Alejandro Linares to begin the drum chant. The anticipated chant excites students as they wait to hear the beat of the drum.

Crowd props at football games are safe to use

Julia Garms, Print Opinion Editor
October 19, 2021
Senior Hannah Sarnowski walks to her seat before the graduation ceremony begins. Graduation - held on the football field - was one of many events held to celebrate this years senior class

Senior Activities

Maeve Sanford-Kelly, Managing Editor
June 15, 2021
Senior Emelia Isola and her friends didnt let the pandemic stop them from doing prom traditions. The group took photos in front of the monuments, just like so many before them.

Seniors engage in alternative proms

Chelsea Laurik, Print Feature Editor
June 1, 2021
With seniors reuniting for the first time this year at the annual senior shed painting event, the senior party will be one of the last events where seniors will be reunited.

Preview: Aloha WJ seniors

Aya Hesham, Online News Editor
May 14, 2021
Senior Courtney Schnieder stares vacantly at a Zoom class on her computer screen. In addition to an external internship, Schnieder grapples with senioritis, causing her to lose connections to her high school classes.

Senioritis or Online-itis?

Nyomi Fox, Print Editor-in-Chief
December 15, 2020
Senior soccer player Abby Matson  dribbles the ball while trying to advance it upfield. Matson says that her favorite thing about playing soccer at WJ is the team bond and rivalry against schools particularly BCC.

Senior athlete highlights

Noel Haptemariam, Staff Writer
November 9, 2020
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