High School: The How-To Guide for Freshies


Photo by Allie Rothman

Senior class president Colleen Besche encourages freshman to participate in school spirit at football games.

Congratulations, you’ve finished middle school with flying colors, and you’ve reached the boss level: high school. Welcome to WJ! It’s overwhelming and intimidating, but you have people in your corner. Take the advice of the Wildcats who have been there, you’re going to do great!


There’s no doubt that the workload in high school goes from zero to one hundred really quickly. But don’t fall into a frenzy and stay up until 3 a.m. losing your sanity over a reading guide or math worksheet.

“As soon as you get home, start your homework. Get some food, and start the homework you know will take the longest amount of time. If you do it as soon as you get home, you don’t get a chance to get distracted,” senior Olivia McBerry said.


WJ offers an incredibly wide range of extracurriculars. From sports to theater to special interest clubs, our school offers a little something for everyone. Senior boys’ volleyball player Cesco Sani encourages freshmen to get involved with school activities.

“Join a sport. Seriously, it’s the best to compete with your friends,” Sani said. “Sports are an awesome way to integrate into the WJ community, stay fit and make a great group of friends!”


We pride ourselves in our school spirit! The weeks of our fall, winter and spring pep rallies are major. Major! You may feel silly wearing a Maryland flag on your back, but there’s nothing better than walking through the halls and absolutely rocking your spirit!

“Get involved! Doing spirit is one of the biggest things when it comes to school unity, and it’s really really fun!” senior class President Collen Besche said.

High school flies by faster than you think, and soon you’ll be in a cap and gown. So, from us senior citizens to you freshies: make high school count!