Forensics and Debate Make Top 100

Liz Wasden, Print Editorial Editor

County Champions from 2001 to 2010, and twice designated the leading chapter of the Chesapeake District, the Forensics and Debate teams  are now a part of the prestigious 100 Club. Awarded by the National Forensics League (NFL) to only the top ten percent of the 2,766 schools with speech and debate teams, the teams in the 100 Club must achieve over 100 degrees.

Degrees are levels of achievement earned through points by members in both participation and skill. Students earn more points the better they rank.

“Every time you compete, you get points for how well you do,” said Forensics and Debate coach Rusty McCrady. “Those add up, so the more members you have, the more degrees you have. It’s an initiative for school to try to excel and build their programs.”

Degrees range from the starter degree, Merit, for 25 points, to the highest degree, Outstanding Distinction, for 1,000 points.

“Honor is 75 points, Excellence (150), Distinction (250), Special Distinction (500), Superior Distinction (750), and Outstanding Distinction is 1,000,” said McCrady.

The NFL has granted this award because the combination of scores from the WJ Debate team and the Forensics team have reached over 100 degrees.

“The team has worked very hard to get here, and there’s so much talent it’s coming out of our ears,” said junior Gavin Kaplan.

With a large and talented group of members, the Debate team and the Forensics team are getting their 2010-2011 season off to a successful start.