Snow storm overshadows spring spirit


Trevor Kanter, Staff Writer

Students at WJ celebrated spring spirit week from Monday March 13 through Friday March 17. The week was interrupted on Tuesday and part of Wednesday due to a snowstorm, which seemed to lower participation rates at school. The week finished off with the spring pep rally on Friday during 4th period.

This year’s spring spirit days in order from Monday to Friday were “Denim Day” where students dressed in as many types of denim clothes as they could, “Tiki Tuesday” which got snowed out by Storm Stella, “Western Wednesday” which was cut short by a two hour delay, but still brought out the cowboy and cowgirl in the students, “Toga Thursday” where students threw it all the way back to the first century with their Greek fashion and finally Green Out Friday for the spring pep rally.

Students didn’t get to celebrate the spirit on Tuesday due to a snow day, and Wednesday was cut a little bit short by a two hour delay. The weather also had an impact on the rest of the week because students had to dress accordingly for the frigid temperatures.

“We didn’t get to do Tiki Tuesday, and Toga Thursday didn’t get much participation because it was so cold and no one wanted to wear a toga.” SGA President Abe Kim said. “But we managed to do Denim day and Western day, and of course Green Out day for the pep rally.”

But the snow really did have an impact on the amount of students who participated. They were too focused on the snow to think about school spirit.

   “I totally forgot about spirit week to be honest. I was just hoping for a snow day.” Sophomore Nico Wood said, “I didn’t see too many people in school dressed up either. I guess I wasn’t the only one who forgot.”

Although the week was temporarily halted by the snow, the pep rally was still celebrated that Friday, featuring sports like baseball, softball, track and field and a special appearance from WJ’s favorite Poms team: the Male Poms.

Male Poms is an annual tradition where the actual Poms team coaches a group of senior guys in a routine. The team practices for a few weeks before the performance and during the performance they wore the real Poms uniforms.

“It was hard to coach these guys because they loved to talk.” senior Poms captain Liv Deen said . “They needed to be told exactly what to do most of the time but they picked up on the routine pretty quickly.”

The Male Poms team performed their routine in front of the whole school during the pep  rally and the guys did their best to mimic the real Poms team.

“It was a lot of fun to be out there in front of everybody and to be a part of this great senior tradition,” senior male Pom Danny Dunn said. “I think that we were pretty good, maybe better than the actual poms team.”