Snack & chat


On Thursday November 9, the ESOL Department, led by teacher Anne Marie Foerster Luu had a ‘Snack & Chat’ at lunch. The students there discussed their stories of them, their parents or any family members immigrating to the United States.

Senior Thalia Orellana, one of the speakers at the event, discussed the story of her parents and grandparents moving to the United States from El Salvador.

“The purpose to discuss these stories is to bring awareness as to how people are treated when they come to the US, whether in the school system or in public,” Orellana said. “It comforts students to hear from others that went through similar things they went through.”

Orellana believes events like this are very important to have. “These events and discussions are important because it’s very hard when people first come to the United States; it’s hard to grow up when they have many restrictions. These discussions help people treat the [immigrants] better and help make their lives easier,” Orellana said.

Orellana and Foerster Luu say to be on the lookout for similar upcoming events.