Letter from the editor

Sam Falb, Editor-in-Chief

Hey cats! Here at The Pitch, we’ve been working hard these past few weeks to bring together the first issue of the paper. We’re really excited to see where this year takes us and are looking forward to experimenting, promoting new ideas, and getting out into the field to cover the school as best we can. Last year, we worked on topics such as school shootings, the introduction of myMCPS, and senior Jacob Daley’s surprise Grammy win (stay tuned for the April Fools issue!). WJ is the largest it’s ever been, with the freshmen class at seven-hundred sixty-five students and the three new portables (let’s not talk about it) hiding behind the language hallway. It’s exciting to be in such an interesting environment with a great mish-mash of sports teams, academic extracurriculars, theater and music programs, unique classes (*it’s AP Art History’s debut year!) and clubs from A-Z, and we’ll be writing about it, as well as investigating, interviewing, photographing, and recording as much as we can along the way.

We’re really excited to see where this year takes us, and look forward to getting out into the field and working with you to get you out of class for a couple of minutes for an interview. Make sure to keep up with us for student profiles, game coverage, and more on our Instagram accounts @thewjpitch, @humansofwj, Twitter @thewjpitch, and Snapchat @wjpitch, as well as through our email address, [email protected]. You can also always find us on wjpitch.com and eight times a year in print. Thanks for picking up this issue! Wishing you a great start to the school year from everyone here at The Pitch.