WJ winter sports seasons are in jeopardy


courtesy of Mighty Madcows instagram

Walter Johnson students show their school spirit in a varsity basketball game against the Wooton Patriots. After recent Covid-caused rule changes, students are no longer able to attend sporting events.

As winter sports have gone on, many WJ sports teams including basketball (boys and girls JV and varsity), track and field and wrestling have been affected by Covid-19. Limited fan attendance, mask-wearing and postponed games are some of the unfortunate changes enforced on WJ winter sports teams because of the pandemic.

The boys varsity basketball games were a great way for students to cheer on their peers on Friday nights. Obviously, this didn’t last long and quickly after the season started, fans were no longer allowed to attend games because of the jump in Covid-19 cases in the school and on the team. Following this rule, cases began to escalate and parents were no longer allowed to spectate games. This is a significant change to not only the fans but the players as well. The players miss having fans just as much as the fans miss watching the players. Adding on, the season is in jeopardy.

“If three or more players get covid, the games get postponed,” varsity basketball player junior Vishu Lal said.

The track and field team’s season has been modified due to Covid-19 as well.

“We don’t have any indoor meets at pg sportsplex and now are hosting outdoor meets with Whitman, Wooton, Churchill and Bcc,” junior runner Matt Uhl said.

This plays a big difference in the performance of the track athletes because of the colder weather compared to the normal indoor weather.
“The weather is definitely a tough obstacle, but I’m happy I still get to go out there and run with my friends,” Uhl said.

WJ wrestling has been affected the least out of the winter sports.

“Fans aren’t allowed right now but they’re reconsidering on the 23rd,” junior wrestler Rayyan El Ghandour said.

Athletes on the wrestling team are not mandated to wear a mask during the matches.

“We don’t wear masks while we wrestle but spectators have to wear masks,” El Ghandour said.