New faces in new places: 2019-2020 NBA Season Preview


Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Home to the Clippers and Lakers, the Staples Center will host many battles between the two teams. The road to NBA glory will most likely go through Los Angeles this season.

Matt Shea, Managing Editor

After one of the most thrilling off-seasons in recent history, the competitiveness of the NBA has finally been rejuvenated and fans are presented with what looks to be a compelling season. Of course there are many questions still to be answered, but there is no doubt that the once almighty Warriors will have their hands full this season.

The summer started in June after an injury-prone Warriors team lost the finals to the Raptors earning Toronto their franchise’s first championship. It was after that series that the landscape of the NBA would begin to shift.

The summer was a time of business for many teams. Players were being dished left and right, deals were being made frequently and teams were beefing up. Here is the most notable action from the summer that will have the most impact on the upcoming season and perhaps seasons to follow:

Brooklyn Nets: 

Notable additions: Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Deandre Jordan

Notable losses: D’Angelo Russell, Treveon Graham, Shabazz Napier

While Durant may be inactive for the upcoming season, the addition of three big stars makes Brooklyn a title contender in the near future. With Irving and Jordan starting this season, the Nets are very much in the mix now.

Houston Rockets: 

Notable additions: Russell Westbrook

Notable losses: Chris Paul

The Rockets were in need of a move to change up the team, especially after the rocky relationship between Paul and Harden was starting to effect the chemistry of the team. Now, it’s a reunion between Harden and Westbrook, two players who know each other well and were successful during their time in Oklahoma City. The Rockets hope that this addition will serve them well, but with a very competetive western conference there will be a lot of questions for them to answer this season.

Miami Heat: 

Notable additions: Jimmy Butler, Meyers Leonard

Notable losses: Hassan Whiteside, Josh Richardson

The Heat have been playoff contenders primarily on the outside looking in. There was a need for big additions to boost the team and while they could still use more star power, the offseason moves will certaintly help the Heat climb back into the playoff picture in the east.


Notable additions: Al Horford, Josh Richardson

Notable losses: Jimmy Butler

Despite losing Butler, the 76ers remain a dominant force in the east by adding depth in the form of Richardson and Horford all while extending Ben Simmons for five more years.

Los Angeles Lakers: 

Notable additions: Anthony Davis

Notable losses: Lonzo Ball, Josh Hart, and Brandon Ingram

After adding LeBron James last season the Lakers are back in business and now place themselves as serious contenders in the west by bringing in Davis. The superstar duo have brought with them big expectations for the season.

    Los Angeles Clippers: 

    Notable additions: Kawhi Leonard, Paul George

Notable losses: no notable losses

No longer the “other basketball team in Los Angeles”, the Clippers made a bold statement by adding both Leonard and George to the team. After a big time offseason, Doc Rivers and the squad now look like prime favorites in the west.

After an offseason of moves, here are my predictions heading into the season:


East: (1) 76ers, (2) Bucks, (3) Raptors, (4) Celtics, (5) Heat, (6) Magic, (7) Nets, (8) Pacers

West: (1) Clippers, (2) Lakers, (3) Rockets, (4) Nuggets, (5) Warriors, (6) Jazz, (7) Trail Blazers, (8) Pelicans

Eastern Finals: 76ers over Bucks

Western Finals: Lakers over Clippers

NBA Finals: Lakers over 76ers

The NBA season is full of intrigue as the window of opportunity has been stretched throughout the league. It is now a multi-team race as the battle for the next NBA title is on.