Students aren’t too old for trick or treating

Molly Benson

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Cartoon by Nora Talbott

Don’t listen to the naysayers! You’re never too old to dress up and have fun trick or treating!

Trick or treating is one of the most memorable experiences one has as a child. Running outside with your friends in search of king size chocolate bars and dreaming of the perfect costume took up all free time the whole month of October. The question is: when do you become “too old”for  trick or treating?

Halloween has been seen as a holiday that is meant for kids due to how American culture has developed. I see it more as an opportunity to stuff my stomach with as much candy as possible. Halloween is about having fun, and I think it’s appropriate for high school kids to walk around asking for candy in a way that they find fun. 

A lot of teenagers skip out on trick or treating due to the day it may fall on, or because they would rather go to a Halloween party instead. Even though not everyone wants to partake in trick or treating, the feeling of nostalgia and celebrating the fall season encourages me to put on a spooky costume and look for candy around the block. There’s a sense of childish fun that comes with trick or treating that can’t be imitated by anything else. That is what is so appealing to me about Halloween: it comes with memories and traditions that are unlike any other holiday.

People may think that it’s immature and inappropriate for high schoolers to walk the streets with young kids. It can be seen as weird from parents or from other students, but I believe that if you think it’s a fun way to spend your night, it is completely appropriate to participate. I’m not saying one should be trick or treating when they’re 25, but a high schooler should be able to feel confident going with friends to celebrate this holiday if they choose. Halloween is a holiday for people to have fun, and it should never get old for high school students.