Should students be more involved in school events?

Zsuzsanna Juhasz

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WJ hosts WJ v Whitman game on Sept. 9 where all grades gather to support the team. Attending football games was an exciting experience that more students should take advantage of.

Attending WJ events has led me to find some of my closest friends at school. Whether we were hanging out at football games, at swim meets against rival schools or going to Homecoming together, school events have made my experience in high school much better.

The Friday night football games gather students from every grade to support the school’s team while decked out in the weekly themes like USA, green out and neon. Cheering on the Wildcats as they sport a win on the field or suffer a loss has allowed me to connect with friends who are as excited as I am to be a part of events like that.

The games are always fun to go to because I get to see my classmates outside of the classroom and get to know them on a more personal level–something that has helped create strong bonds.

Football games bring the entire school together to support a team, but becoming a part of a sport allowed me to find friends in all grades and something I shared in common with others: swimming.

Joining the swim & dive team allowed me to continue the sport I already participate in outside of school. Playing a competitive sport with people from school adds a new dimension to the sport I love because of the augmented rivalries with neighboring schools and inclusion in the pep rallies.

Being a part of a team has been one of the most thrilling experiences on account of the relationships I’ve built with people who care about the sport as much as I do. The 5:00 a.m. practices, hard-earned team lunches and satisfying feeling of being a part of a team working together to reach new titles. Joining a sports team at school is beneficial to students because it allows them to connect over things that people enjoy doing in their free time.

Each year in fall, WJ hosts a Homecoming dance where students dress up to match different themes and spend an evening out. Weeks of preparation go into getting ready for these events like picking an outfit, deciding on a restaurant and coordinating travel arrangements. While all of this may seem stressful, it makes the night worth it.

My freshman year I was away at a swim meet in Richmond, so going last year for the first time exceeded my expectations.The restaurant was delicious, everyone was dressed amazingly and even though we never actually attended the Homecoming planned at the school, we went out and did all of the usual traditions, anyway.

The friends and people I’ve met and grown closer to you all happened during WJ themed and hosted events. My biggest advice to any and all freshmen is to take advantage of these opportunities you get in high school and make the most out of them–I know I did.