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    January Print Issue Sudoku Answer Key


  • The Inside Pitch
    Early Winter Season Success for WJ Sports

    *This article has been corrected since published. As the winter season roars on, almost every WJ team has started successfully. The teams are trying to establish themselves as contenders in the county and state and position themselves for deep playoff runs. Here is the inside take on every WJ winter sports team:...

  • Arts & Entertainment
    DIY Coffee Drinks: Quick and Easy Recipes

    A person does not have to look very far to find a coffee shop in this day...

  • Opinion
    Opinion Blast: “Finding Bigfoot”

    With the time crunch that is junior year currently plaguing myself and many others,  there isn’t very much time to follow a specific television show or even watch television in general. Even when I get around to it, I usually just watch Sportscenter or a sports game. Very rarely do I actually make time...

  • Feature
    Student Profile: Junior Nevo Magnezi Gardens for a Better Future

    Junior Nevo Magnezi combats problems that are the results of an industrialized agricultural system by avoiding it all together and growing his own food. Today, fruits and vegetables in the grocery store are often covered with pesticides and herbicides, genetically modified, and carted from somewhere on the other side of the planet.  Beyond...

  • Feature
    Club Profile: Drumline

    They are a team of focused, disciplined and determined students who know how to keep a beat. These...

  • Arts & Entertainment
    Video of the Week: “‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Parody’ by the Hillywood Show”

    Every time an epic film emerges, “The Hillywood Show” (THS), an entertainment company made solely for the purpose of parodies, creates elaborate mockeries to hit songs that correspond to the film’s summary. With the recent release of “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey,” the show has come again with a parody of the hit book’s trailer to...

  • Opinion
    The Truth About Senioritis

    With my second semester of senior year approaching, I feel as if I am expected to lose interest in my classes and to leave my textbooks in a corner to see how much dust they can collect. While I have been incredibly busy this year and feel like I deserve a break, during my three and...

  • Feature
    Running, Building, Helping: Charity Clubs at WJ

    Run for a Cause: Doing sports and doing good Run for a Cause is a club that combines athletics with charity. The club was started this year by sophomores Evelyn Kendrix, Hannah Griffin, Katie McGill and Itai Bezerhano and seeks to raise money for charity by running. This year the club will...

  • Opinion
    WJ’s Vibrant Club Life

    Now more than ever, colleges are looking for diverse students with many interests outside of the classrooms....

  • News
    Tweets torment teens: Social networking becomes a gateway for cyberbullying

    From Facebook to Twitter, the use of social networking sites has skyrocketed over the past decade. While they allow people to connect with friends, share photos and keep up with the latest news, there is a darker side to these websites. With the increasing popularity of social networking, a new problem, termed...

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