• Opinion
    Sir Alex Retires after 27 years

    One of soccer’s greatest managers, Sir Alex Ferguson, announced his retirement from the game after a legendary stay in charge of Manchester United. Ferguson managed the players, establishing who would play week in and week out, setting a playing style and mentality that would set the foundation for success. After taking over,...

  • The Inside Pitch
    The Epic Collapse of the Washington Capitals (Again)

    The annual Washington Capitals playoff collapse occurred again on the night of May 13 as the New York Rangers slaughtered the Capitals 5-0 in a must win game seven in the first round of the Eastern Conference playoffs. For the past six years, the Capitals have made the playoffs and failed to make it past the second round. The losing...

  • Feature
    Student Profile: Junior Class President Kyle Lopez

    Junior Kyle Lopez is very passionate about his position as class president. After being involved with student government this year, Lopez plans on running for president of the student government association (SGA) next year. “I decided to run for president when I wanted more of a leadership role at the school,”...

  • News
    Did you receive your Weekly H.U.G? May 12-18

    Home- On Fri. May 17, WJ held its annual Senior Prom at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. at 8:30 p.m. Tickets were $40.00 and were sold at the kiosk until last Friday. When prom finished, guests were invited to the After Prom Breakfast held in the WJ cafeteria, which took...

  • Feature
    Student Profile: Freshman Class President Jackson Miller

    Freshman class president Jackson Miller became involved with student government this year and plans to continue his role in the future. “I thought it would have been a great way to get involved at school and get used to the new environment,” he said. Miller is involved in the major school events,...

  • Feature
    Club Profile: Millionaire’s Club

    The Millionaire’s Club started as an offshoot of the Young Investor’s Club. The Young Investor’s Club only focused on the Stock Market game but the Millionaire’s Club incorporates other aspects of finance such as investments and management. Co-president and senior Colin Repetti invited a speaker from the Maryland Credit Union who was starting Millionaire’s Club in...

  • Feature
    Student Profile: Sophomore Class President Isa Herold

    Sophomore Isa Herold currently stands as the only female class president at WJ. Herold initially wanted to...

  • News
    Did you receive your Weekly H.U.G? May 5-11

    Home- On Mon. May 5, a student at Quince Orchard High School used their cell phone to record a video which they posted on Twitter, potentially invalidating the AP Psychology exams of around 275 students. The AP College Board is currently reviewing the case, reported to them by principal Carole A. Working, and deciding...

  • News
    Gun Control Legislation: Why was it shot down?

    Newtown, Aurora, Lanza, Holmes, “The Dark Knight.” Each term listed is not just a name, movie or...

  • The Inside Pitch
    NBA Playoff Update

    The NBA playoffs have reached the second round. The big surprise in the first round was a Golden State Warriors victory...

  • Arts & Entertainment
    Out of Character and “Into the Woods”

    I enjoy plays and musicals, so naturally I was intrigued when I discovered WJ S*T*A*G*E was performing “Into the Woods” for their spring production. After seeing last year’s production of “Les Miserables” (“Les Mis”) the year before and the hilarious production of “Noises Off,” I figured this play wouldn’t be a disappointment. I was...

  • Opinion
    The Integrity of Cheating

    One of the lasting images of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa was Uruguay striker Luis Suarez using his hands to stop a goalbound shot from Ghana. Outfield players are not allowed to use their hands in soccer, however Suarez made the calculated decision to block the shot and accept the...

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