• News
    Columbia Mall Shooting Leaves Three Dead and Many Questions in its Wake

    Sandy Hook Elementary; Aurora, Colo.; the Washington Navy Yard; Virginia Tech: by now it is a familiar...

  • Arts & Entertainment
    Movie Hype of the Week: “RoboCop”

    Man, I love me some cheesy 90s action movies. And “RoboCop” is certainly no exception. The ultraviolent, catchpahrase- spewing machine that is “RoboCop” has not only entertained me constantly, but also made into my top 10 movie list simply due to its sheer absurdity. And thus, imagine my joy when I saw the first...

  • Feature
    Teacher of the Week: Rachel Gold

    Rachel Gold teaches AP Language and Composition as well as an SAT/ACT prepatory class. She has been teaching for 10 years: five years at Bethesda Chevy-Chase High School, one year at Westland Middle School, and is in her fourth year at WJ. What are your interests outside of school? I enjoy running half marathons,...

  • The Inside Pitch
    Coming Up: Super Bowl XLVIII

    On Sunday, Feb. 2, the Seattle Seahawks will take on the Denver Broncos for the 48th annual Super Bowl. The game will be played at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, home of both the New York Giants and the New York Jets. Super Bowl XLVIII will be the first Super Bowl played...

  • News
    Booster Club Book Sale Supports School Organizations and Teams

    The Booster Club will be holding its annual Used Book Sale on March 1 and 2 in the cafeteria. Students and community members are all encouraged to donate gently used books now through Feb. 22 . The annual sale provides books for everyone. “The used book sale offers all kinds of books:  fiction...

  • Arts & Entertainment
    Mini Movie Review: “47 Ronin”

    As I walked into the theater to see “47 Ronin,” I was expecting an epic assortment of samurai and Keanu Reeves. But instead of a glorious ballet of katanas, dragons and Reeves’ facial hair, I was instead met with one of the most startlingly boring movies of 2013 (and 2014, I guess), filled not...

  • Feature
    Restaurant Review: Iron Age Grill

    Many students find themselves flocking to Chipotle for a quick lunch, or going to the Silver Diner...

  • Arts & Entertainment
    Movie Review: “The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug”

    It’s here! The face-meltingly awesome sequel to the first “Hobbit” movie is here and, oh my god, I love it. “Desolation” is a huge improvement over the first movie, which was mostly exposition. But “Desolation” is pretty much nonstop excitement; it hardly ever slows down or becomes boring. It’s as if the first movie was...

  • Feature
    Restaurant Review: La Limena

     Many students find themselves flocking to Chipotle for a quick lunch, or going to the Silver Diner...

  • Sports News
    WJ Cheerleading: They Didn’t Just Win a Championship

    On Nov. 16, WJ cheerleaders made history by bringing home first place at the Montgomery County Division III Championships. But they didn’t just win a trophy;  they won the respect of fellow students and the varsity cheerleading coach, Kirsten Smith. “It was the most amazing feeling that we got to bring home a victory,” said senior...

  • Arts & Entertainment
    Game Of The Week: Sir, You Are Being Hunted!

    I like scary video games, which is weird, because I get scared really easily. So when I picked up “Sir, You Are Being Hunted,” a self-described open world horror game,  I expected dark corridors, monsters and all sorts of other shenanigans. Turns out all of that isn’t nessecary, because the majority of...

  • Arts & Entertainment
    Game Review: Project Zomboid

    At the risk of sounding like an old fogie, I must ask: what happened to zombie games? Games like “Left 4 Dead” are mind-numbingly unrealistic. Characters find shotguns in some soccer mom’s car, and miniguns in some guy’s dishwasher, with nothing to fear. You’re immune to the zombie virus. Well, fear no more, because “Project Zomboid”...

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