Teachers dive into summer


Photo courtesy of Alexis Phares

Alexis Phares goes home to Chicago every summer to visit friends and family. “This is my family in my hometown, Naperville, just outside of Chicago,” Phares said.

Summer is an exciting time for students. It’s nice to get a break from school and have a three month long break before returning in the fall. Many fill that time with work, traveling and friends. Curiosity sparks in students’ minds regarding teachers and if they are working other jobs or just relaxing. People don’t talk enough about these hard working individuals and what they do in the time they are away from the building.

Starting off with Kiara Campbell, the American Sign Language teacher. Campbell has a second job during the school year as a sign language interpreter and she continues that full-time over the summer. She has flexible hours, typically averaging 40 hours a week, causing her to meet a lot of exciting people from all the opportunities the job gives her.

“I have worked at Starbucks, Amazon, Amazon Fresh, the Post office, colleges, conferences and even video relay calls where I am the voice for the deaf person on a call,” Campbell said.

Alexis Phares, an AP Lang and English 10 teacher, will spend her summer traveling and working a second job.“ I work as a retail shop associate at Equinox in Bethesda. So I will be working pretty much full time over the summer to make some money,” Phrases said.

She is going to Chicago to visit family, attend weddings and go to some concerts, as well as visit Seattle, Washington to see some friends she hasn’t seen in a while. She will wrap up her travel plans with a quick trip to New York and some fun days under the sun at the beach. She has a full summer of traveling planned while also working.

Frederick Delello, a social studies teacher, prioritizes a fun summer with plans to travel and staycation plans. Delello will make time for his yearly trip to New York for two weeks to make sure he can visit family and catch up with some friends. Delello also has planned another two week vacation to Canada.

“I try to always travel for a month of my vacation and save the other month of summer to stay local and really prepare for the upcoming school year,” Delello said.

Lastly, Tricia Cooper, a math teacher, prioritizes her rest and family time over the summer. Cooper is close to her retirement and really values her summer break and all the chaos that surrounds the school year. She makes sure to soak up her family time by spending a couple weeks at her sister’s house up in Philadelphia.

“She has a pool and we love to just sit out there and enjoy each other’s company with a good book in hand,” Cooper said.