Celebrities’ Personal Lives Should Be Kept Personal

Zoey Becker, Online Opinion Editor

Recently, the hugely popular singer Taylor Swift sent out a tweet that read, “As my 25th birthday present from the media, I’d like for you to stop accusing all my friends of dating me. #thirsty.” This is something that she should have said a long time ago, and she has the right to do so.

Taylor Swift is known for dating many people, but if her true fans go back and count all her confirmed relationships, there are actually not that many of them. This shows that the media plays a huge part in the reputation(s) that this celebrity, and any celebrity, has. Which begs the question: should celebrities’ personal lives be off-limits to the press and media?

Taylor Swift has had a huge media presence since she was just 16. Ever since then, the media has documented her every move. I could never imagine any of that happening to a 16-year-old girl, someone who is just as normal as you or me. Just because a normal person has a talent that they want to do something with, they are automatically harassed and watched by all of America. Some say this is just part of being a celebrity, but why does it have to be? When did media start accusing celebrities of being in a relationship with every person whom they hang out with, accused of being unhealthy every time they eat junk food, and so many other things? Why does everyone care about the bad things?

I don’t think that this is right at all. I understand that people want to know what their favorite celebrities’ lives are like, but the media is extremely biased. While there is sometimes good in the never-ending stream of magazines featuring famous people, it’s usually just bad. The media should stay out of celebrities’ personal lives, and people should stop constantly looking for the bad in celebrities. They’re just normal people with some more talent than others, and they should have privacy too.