Meninist movement pushes feminist movement back

Zoey Becker, Online Opinion Editor

The term “feminism” is one that has many different meanings. According to Websters dictionary, its definition is “the belief that men and women should have the same equal rights and opportunities.” However, many “meninists” across the nation consider the term as merely a joke.

What is a meninist, you might ask? Websters dictionary does not define that one, but many have come to know it as the term for a group of men who are aiming for equality of men. This, while it may sound confusing, could somehow make sense. While men have not had to fight for decades to earn the right to vote or obtain certain jobs as women have, men have their own struggles too. If a man claims that he has been raped or sexually assaulted in any way, it is a lot harder to believe than if a woman makes the same claim.  And men also say they are expected to have the same perfect bodies as actors in TV and movies. Gay and transgender men are still fighting for their rights to be accepted into society. All of these are real struggles that men actually face. However, the now popular Twitter account, @MeninistTweet, has decided to resolve these societal issues by making feminism, a fight that has been going on for many years, a joke.

Scrolling down the account’s Twitter page, it’s clear to see that the vast majority of the account’s tweets are not promoting males’ rights at all. Instead, they seem to have decided that putting down females is a more effective way of getting them followers and favorites. I would quote some of the horrible tweets, but basically every tweet contains obscene language, mostly derogatory words directed at women. Some of the worst ones involve jokes about women claiming rape for various reasons and comments generally making fun of women and everything they have fought for.

Feminism is a serious fight for women’s rights that has been going on for a very long time. While there are some places in society and culture where men and women don’t have equal rights, bringing down women is not the way to fight for equality. There are so many better ways to achieve equality for all genders, and I do not see how making an offensive Twitter account could possibly help.