Maryland lacks a true winter experience


Photo by Sam Koskie

Trees stand still covered with snow. Students got school cancellations and delays this winter despite there not being a ton of snow.

Ever since moving to Maryland more than two years ago, I have noticed that there is a lack of anything really resembling winter. Sure, last year, we got two or three snow days, but for what? Half an inch of snow? To be fair, Montgomery County has no idea how to handle snow, so the slightest sight of a flake makes the county council quiver in fear and close everything in sight without any way to handle it. I cannot imagine, however, what MCPS would do if we actually had a few feet. Probably close for over a week of school, I would imagine.

A real winter has numerous advantages over the weak late fall weather in the DC area. Snow is the best source of outdoor entertainment, allowing a broad range of activities such as skiing. Cross-country skiing is one of my favorite things to do and I last had the chance to ski in 2016. I’d like to have one chance to ski in Maryland before I leave for more hospitable, colder, climes next year.

For this reason, this is the ideal year for the snow of the century – three feet, with the region shutting down for a whole month. It’s not as if that would make too much of a difference from the current regional economic situation, given a certain resident of DC and the Florida coast. I must admit that I am somewhat biased on this issue, and not just because I like real winter (where there is snow and cold temperatures, rather than 60 degree high temperatures). As a senior, it really doesn’t affect me if school shuts down for a week or two – the more time off the better, I think. The contracts for the arena for graduation have been signed, so for us, there is a definite end date.