Jon Silberman, Lacrosse

As a first-year varsity player, Jon Silberman was tagged with what he estimates to be over a dozen nicknames, including “Radio,” a movie character that few people would want to be associated with. Now the starting goalie and a senior veteran of the lacrosse team, he is one of the leaders of the team and has posted an 8-3 record as a starter over the past two years.

During his sophomore year, Silberman struggled so much with a drill that teammates called it “Target Practice” because the only way he was going to save the ball was if it hit him. Some players didn’t even know his name.

“That year, one of the captains called me Goldberg because he didn’t bother to learn my name,” said Silberman.

Now, not only do his teammates know his name, but coaches and players around the county have become familiar with his abilities in the goal.

Silberman looks to expand on his success from last year, in which he put up a 74 percent save percentage with a rare assist.

“I think my progress has been clear to any of the veterans of the team,” said Silberman.

Taking over the starting role due to a teammate’s off-field issues last year, Silberman has adjusted quickly, learning the defensive systems. He could not have done it without the help of senior captain and long time friend Daniel Cohen.

“Jon may not be a freak athlete, but he makes up for it by being the hardest working player on the team,” said Cohen. “When we lost our starting goalie last year he stepped in and came up big for us and will help anchor our defense.”

This advice has guided Silberman in the past, and he hopes to draw more inspiration by the fact that this is his last season. He expects to lead his team to new heights.

“I think that we can win the region this year,” said Silberman.