Wizards look to live up to high expectations


The much-anticipated NBA season finally started last season every fan has anticipations for their team. Some of the highest expectations are right here in the nation’s capital. The Washington Wizards season ended last year in the second round of the playoffs as they lost to the Atlanta Hawks. Even though the loss was disappointing, the season was still very successful since just a couple years ago they were the eyesore of the NBA.

Many people feel that the Wizards have the talent to reach the Eastern conference finals if everything stays steady and goes as planned with the help of upcoming players like Otto Porter Jr and Kelly Oubre Jr looking to help the current core.

“Otto Porter really broke out in the playoffs last year and if he can play like that all year it will be great,” senior Patrick Winter said.

Also, arguably the Wizards most important player John Wall has returned from his injury after rehab in the off-season. Many feel that if Wall would have stayed healthy in the playoffs last season, the Wizards would have gone to the Eastern Conference finals and have been a formidable match for the Cavaliers, who are again heavy favorites.

“With Wall healthy now it will bring back the speed and order they need,” senior Charlie Ali said.

A heavy focus on the Wizards Thunder game last week was Kevin Durant, as Wizards fans are enticed by the thought of a home talent returning back home to his native DC Area. If this were to happen, the Wizards would become an instant title contender due to the many stars and budding young players Washington has on the roster.

“They would, in my opinion, be one of the better teams in the league due to all their talent,” senior Tony Coffey said.

The Wizards have come a long way from becoming an NBA joke to a competitive team Hopefully they can live up to and exceed expectations while adding key players along the way.

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