WJ vandalized with racist and homophobic hate speech


Photo Courtesy of anonymous

Walter Johnson was found vandalized the morning of Sunday October 3. The graffiti included hate speech and references to white supremacy.

Messages of hate speech were found vandalizing the walls of WJ this morning, October 3. The graffiti on the school walls included references to white supremacy and hate speech towards the LGBTQ+ community. The vandalism has since been cleaned off by the school staff and the building restored to its original state. 

Those responsible are yet to be identified; however, Principal Jennifer Baker assured the WJ community in the email she sent that “any students involved will receive disciplinary consequences in alignment with the student Code of Conduct in MCPS.” 

Baker urges those who have any questions or concerns to feel free to contact her.

“As always, I appreciate your support as we strive to build a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment where all students can thrive. Do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions or concerns,” Baker said.

The WJ community is shocked and appalled by the vandalism on the school building.

“I am absolutely disgusted by this behavior. I believed that our school has grown past this stage but according to late events it has not, which is very disappointing,” senior Shai Ben Eliyahu said.