Students take on new responsibilities over the summer


Photo courtesy Kate Fuller

Junior Kate Fuller watches over the pool during her life guarding shift. This is Fullers second summer life guarding and she enjoys the flexible schedule.

As the summer approaches, students are on the hunt for jobs to make some cash. In order to pay for the expenses of being a teenager, plenty of students seek employment from local businesses to food and retail chains and some internships.

Popular jobs for teens include lifeguarding, camp counselor, hostesses/hosts, cashiers and clothing store employees. With a wide array of jobs beyond this generic scope, students are staying busy this summer in addition to increasing their savings.

One job for teenagers over the summer is lifeguarding. Many students work at pools in their community. Lifeguarding is only available during summer so it is very convenient schedule-wise and is great for getting a nice tan.

“I am lifeguarding over the summer and I chose it because of schedule flexibility and being outside. I work around four days a week and some 10-hour shifts. Some weeks I won’t work at all,” junior Kate Fuller said.

Others choose to travel to their beach houses or other vacation homes and get employed there. It is nice to get a break from the Bethesda area as well as enjoy a change of scenery for the short summer months.

“My summer job is a retail clothing shop on the boardwalk in Bethany Beach 4-5 days a week. I chose it because I will make money and be at the beach all summer,” freshman Madison Elgin said.

Another common form of employment is internships. With college and the future fast approaching, students tend to research career paths that seem of interest to them. Shadowing a professional or assisting a company is a few examples of internships students may participate in.

“I am interning with the superintendent of public schools in Tulsa. I wanted to learn how curriculum is made and how school systems are run. Tulsa is different from Montgomery County so I thought that would be interesting,” junior Anjali Bhargava said.

Overall, getting employed for the summer months is a popular endeavor and is important for both one’s bank account and working skills. Staying entertained over the summer is hard for some, so summer jobs are a good way to stay busy.

“Having a summer job is very important because it introduces you to the work world and prepares you for the future,” sophomore Aurora Megna said.