Students, staff praise Evans’ tireless efforts to help WJ community


Photo by Ila Gordon

College and career coordinator Gayle Evans helps senior Tiffany Gibson navigate the strenuous college application process. As always, Evans greets students with a smile and ensures all their questions are answered.

Though my intention with this article was to provide intriguing insight into the fascinating character of College and Career Coordinator Gayle Evans, I soon discovered that only one impression of Evans exists: Ms. Evans is incredible.

No one ever thought that Evans’ job was easy, but I don’t think that anyone can understand its demands. Not only does she single-handedly manage the tedious college application process for all senior students, but she must serve as the interface between college representatives, students, staff and guidance counselors– a seemingly impossible task. But to Evans, this is just a day’s work.

What is highly understated of Evans’ abilities is not just what she accomplishes or what is demanded of her, but the manner in which she approaches her role. Evans never fails to handle her duties with impeccable decency, patience and composure– unique and admirable qualities in any position, but especially one regarding college applications and hundreds of stressed teenagers.

“She is amazingly kind to students. Even those who are imperfect, which they all are as is the staff, she is so forgiving and willing to help them. I’ve seen her help at the absolute last second and show just absolute grace to everyone. She is just always good-natured,” guidance counselor Susan James said.

Though we may never truly understand Evans’ skill, we can marvel at it.

She answers her emails so promptly, usually within minutes. I don’t know how she does it, but it’s very impressive and much appreciated.

— senior Mallory Liffman

Evans herself has a unique outlook on her position. Rather than focusing solely on frantic deadlines, transcripts and decisions, Evans appreciates the interpersonal relationships that come naturally between her and her senior students throughout the college process.

“Having interactions with you guys is the best part of my job… I love meeting you, hearing your stories and helping you out,” Evans said.

Most senior students are familiar with the persistent anxiety that is inherent in the college application process. As if it weren’t stressful enough on its own, it feels as though the entire senior class is applying to the same 20 schools, only amplifying the toxic competition that arises between peers in what is supposed to be an exciting milestone.

“I always try to encourage students to apply to different schools instead of the same schools that you all apply to because then you are all vying against each other,” Evans said.

Though the relationships Evans cultivates with her students are extremely valuable, she also has an important sense of responsibility. Her thoroughness, organizational skills and remarkable calm nature are wildly unparalleled and exceptionally impressive.

“What I really appreciate is that she is always willing to help and never seems bothered by my many questions,” Liffman said.