• Feature
    Teacher of the Week: Jonathan Bos

    Jonathan Bos has been teaching at WJ for many years. He currently teaches AP Literature and Composition, and is frequently ...

  • Arts & Entertainment
    Movie Thing Of The Week: The Future of the Avengers

    With “Thor: The Dark World” just around the corner, a new Captain America movie planned for release in 2014 and the second Avengers movie set for sometime in 2015, the box offices will soon be plagued by an endless swarm of movie goers ready to blow their hard earned cash on an eight...

  • Feature
    Plucking Strings with the Ukulele Club

    What’s that sound coming from Joanne Reynolds’ room? It is the beautiful music of the Ukulele Club....

  • Arts & Entertainment
    Game Of The Week: 400 Years

    Good things come to those who wait. Such as the theme in 400 Years, a free flash game where you need to save the world and you only have 400 years. You play as a stone giant, who must make his way across Earth to save the world. he must climb cliffs, cross...

  • The Inside Pitch
    Washington Wizards Move Forward

    The NBA season starts in one week and as usual the Washington Wizards are expected to be a borderline playoff team this year and take home another draft pick. The Wizards have the third longest postseason drought in the NBA, and throughout this offseason, the Wizards’ star point guard John Wall has continally said that...

  • Feature
    Teacher Profile: Joanne Reynolds

    Joanne Reynolds works in the English department and is known for being WJ’s class clown, but not many...

  • Arts & Entertainment
    Oct. 28 Issue Sudoku Answer Key


  • The Inside Pitch
    Disability or Superabilty? Prosthetics in Sports

    Oscar Pistorius, bronze medal winner at the 2011 Summer Olympics, gold medal winner of double, below-the-knee amputee races and one of the most interesting athletes in sports, runs differently than others. As an 11-month-old, doctors had to amputate both of Pistorius’ legs due to a rare disease causing him to be born without fibulas, which...

  • Sports News
    Freshmen Players Contribute to Varsity Success

    Freshmen on varsity are a rarity in high school sports, but at WJ, three freshmen are making a name for themselves at the varsity level. Girls’ soccer goalie Jordan Zavareei, boys’ soccer defenseman Felix Wu and golf’s only freshman, Zach Cooper, are already making headlines. With all these teams producing winning records...

  • Arts & Entertainment
    All Aboard for “Captain Phillips”

    “Captain Phillips” is about a man, named Richard Phillips (Tom Hanks), who leaves his Vermont home and family for his new job. He will captain a cargo ship around the coast of Somalia to the city of Mombasa, Kenya. However, while he believes this should be an easy task, it will actually turn...

  • News
    The End of the Government Shutdown

    After 17 days of gridlock and inactivity, Congress finally reached a compromise to end the federal government...

  • News
    Pedal to the Metal

    On Oct. 7, Tom Peled,  a 26-year-old  Israeli whose story and efforts have touched and inspired people...

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