Video of the Week: Amir Sayoud Penalty Kick

Video Courtesy of Huffington Post

Ian Morrison, Staff Writer

While most of the world was focused on just about anything other than Egyptian soccer, they missed one of the classic moments only found in a not-so-quality soccer match.

As fans watched Algerian footballer Amir Sayoud approach the penalty spot, no one expected what was about to happen.  Considering that over 75 percent of penalty kicks are scored, most onlookers expected a typical goal, scored with ease then celebrated excessively. . . but they were in for a treat.

Sayoud not only managed to miss the kick, but also to trip over himself and essentially pass the ball straight to the keeper.  As if this embarrassment in front of the massive Egyptian football-watching world wasn’t enough, the referee threw in a yellow card for Sayoud.

It turns out that in tripping himself, Sayoud performed an illegal penalty kick, which even in this bizarre situation warrants a yellow card.   On the upside, now Amir Sayoud can finally get his well-deserved fifteen minutes of fame.  It just goes to show how hard work and skill always aren’t the only way to receive recognition.