Video of the Week: Young Jew on the rise changes the Bar Mitzvah game


Photo courtesy of Flickr/Lawrie Cate

The Torah is often read at Bar Mitzvahs

Zack Shapiro, Online Arts & Entertainment Editor

When you hear “Bar Mitzvah invitation” what comes to mind? A classy letter telling you to save the date? Maybe a nice phone call from a family member? If you’re soon-to-be man Brody Criz, you think music videos. Specifically, poorly sung Weird Al Yankovich-esque parodies of popular songs.

From the captivating opener “Because I’m Jewish” sung to the tune of Pharell’s smash hit, “Happy,” to a heartwarming rendition of Frozen’s “Let it Go,” Criz’s musical Mitzvah invitation doesn’t disappoint. The video features everyone from Criz’s parents, siblings and dog, to the brace-face himself.

While Criz may not have a bright future in the music industry, as proven by his off-pitch attempt at singing, his Bar Mitzvah is sure to be the party of the century. Whether your Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim or even a fellow Jew, there’s no way you’re turning down this invitation.

Check out the video below: