Guide to summer music festivals

Molly Benson

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Junior Holly Darby tops off her outfit with a bold pair of red sunglasses. Photo courtesy of Holly Darby

Spring and summer launch into a new season that is amplified with music and its’ culture. Many students can expect to see their fellow classmates posting on social media attending fun and colorful festivals all around the East Coast. There are many music festivals that people can anticipate this year, such as the popular festival Firefly in Dover, Delaware from June 21-23.

With these festivals comes fashion and accessories that people spend their time and money trying to perfect.

Students from around the DMV dress up in the current year’s most popular trends and show up to festivals fully prepared for the Instagram photos they’ll post in the days after. For inspiration, many may look up to famous Youtubers such as Emma Chamberlain or other celebrities like the Hadid sisters who looked stunning in Coachella earlier this April. It’s simple to incorporate some fashion advice from icons with some simple tips and ideas.

Cargo pants in camo/neon: This is one style that has become very popular this year and they come in many different styles, colors and patterns that are perfect for moving around in at music festivals. These items can be purchased at Fashion Nova and also at Shein.

Junior Neda Changuit and sophomore Yolita Barreto pose in camo cargo pants for Poms spirit. Photo courtesy of Ali Becker

Colorful sunglasses: Trending since last year, this is one very famous accessory for DMV girls. Whether the sunglasses are small or big, the colorful lenses are a big hit for festival styles. This can be purchased at Urban Outfitters and Zaful.

Junior Holly Darby tops off her outfit with a bold pair of red sunglasses. Photo courtesy of Holly Darby

Patterned mesh crop tops: Flashy and bold outfits can be achieved simply with a neon cropped top underneath a loose mesh shirt. These can be purchased at ROMWE and also at Urban Outfitters.

Juniors Ali Becker (left) and Malina Grande (right) take a picture in their GLO outfits. Photo courtesy of Ali Becker

Boho style/fedora hat: A sophisticated way to rock music festivals is by wearing some denim followed along with a fedora or any stylish boho hat. Vanessa Hudgens tends to achieve these styles every year with her appearances at Coachella.

This celebrity shows off her sense of style with this simple but stylish hat. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Vanessa Hudgens starts a fashion inspiration for girls attending music festivals with her boho themes. Photo courtesy of Flickr