Sadie Hawkins date night coming soon


This year, WJ’s Leadership class is hosting a Sadie Hawkins date night, featuring food catered by local restaurant Crisp and Juicy. This event comes after having no Sadie Hawkins function in 2014, and an unsuccessful Sadie Hawkins dance in 2013. Traditionally, for Sadie Hawkins, the girls ask boys rather than the “traditional” boys ask girls format of Homecoming or Prom. 

The profits of the date night will go to the Children’s Home Project, which helps get homeless kids off the street in less fortunate countries. Senior and Leadership student Hayden Zavareei helped plan the event. 

“The girls had a lot of fun asking guys last year; however, the dance did not go well. That is why we are doing a dinner date night this year,” Zavareei said. 

The date night will have music and shows the support for the Children’s Home Project.

“It is supposed to resemble a restaurant, so we will have people serving the guests. There will also be live music and a slideshow of the Children’s Home project and what it does,” Zavareei said.

The girls have gotten very creative with their Sadie Hawkins proposals. Junior Marnie Hackman asked her friend to the event by dressing up like a chef and presenting a cupcake-shaped poster. 

“I decided to go to Sadie Hawkins this year because I love Crisp and Juicy and I love the people who planned it,” Hackman said.

The Sadie Hawkins dance will take place in the cafeteria. Hackman does not know exactly what there will be at the Sadie Hawkins date night or what the atmosphere will be.

“Besides [eating] dinner, we will probably hang out with our friends and listen to some music,” Hackman said. “I think Sadie Hawkins is less popular than Homecoming because you can’t go without a date.”

Sophomore Meghan Musel decided not to go to Sadie Hawkins this year, although she did attend the Homecoming dance.

“I decided not to go to Sadie Hawkins this year because none of my friends were going and I didn’t want to have to ask someone,” Musel said. 

There are a lot of events at WJ and some students find it hard to go to all of them. 

“I think that Sadie Hawkins is so much less popular than Homecoming because Homecoming has been a long tradition at schools all over the country. There are also a lot of formal events at WJ, so it is hard to attend all of them.”

Even though Sadie Hawkins, dubbed by many students “Sadie’s” is less popular, much of the school believes the Leadership class has done a lot to promote the date night.

“We have made several videos [that air] on the morning announcements. We put flyers around the school and made huge posters, so we are really working hard to get the word out,” Zavareei said.

It is still unknown what the turnout will be at Sadie Hawkins and if it will continue in the future.

Tickets are on sale now at the kiosk during lunch for $20.