G-Deals for Georgetown Square

Marie-Elise Latorre

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Photo by Marie-Elise Latorre

Students go to Georgetown Square before school, during lunch and even after school. Georgetown has become a site where students can always enjoy their break.

Chipotle: → With the Chipotle app, students can get “Free Chips and Guac” (with a minimum purchase of $5), just by joining the app. Those who enroll will earn 10 points for every $1 spent in the restaurant, online or in the app. Once reaching 1,250 points, consumers can get a free entree.
→ Rice Burritos are $1.35. (It’s exactly what it sounds like, a burrito with only rice).
→ When ordering anything, ask for a second scoop only after the first scoop has been served. This allows the size of your first scoop to not be compromised by the knowledge of the second one.
→ You can order two types of protein for the price of one. Just order half and half of a protein.

Giant: → With the Giant Rewards Card, you can save quite the amount. To get a Giant Rewards Card, you only need to input your name, your address, your phone number, your email and a password. You then can simply use your phone number as the reward program, or you could request for a physical card. You get one point for every dollar you spend. When purchasing items, simply ask if you can input your phone number at the checkout or at the self checkout you can press the “Enter Phone Number/ Forgot Card”, and input your phone number into the pinpad. You can also load coupons onto your card directly online, to save some money.
You could also connect it with the “Giant Gas Rewards” program that saves up to $1.50 per gallon with points. (10 cents per gallon for every 100 points).

Subway: → If you dine regularly, consider getting a free Subway Rewards Card and start earning points. I’m not a big pusher of reward programs in general, as they often entice you to spend more money, but the Subway program is pretty tight. Just by signing up, you get 50 free points and earn one point for every dollar spent. 75 points gets you a free footlong, 50 points for a free six inch, 10 points nabs you a free cookie and 20 points get you a free drink.

Gong Cha/Poki DC: → Either by texting the special code at the end of every receipt to the given phone number, or inputting the code in the “Clover” app, you can get a free medium drink, after 10 drinks.
→ Get a free Mochi ice Cream or a cup of Miso soup for every time you check-in on Facebook or Yelp.